Thinking about listing your home this spring? Wondering what you can do to give potential buyers a great first impression? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 7 easy and cost effective improvements to assist you in bumping up the curb appeal without breaking the bank!

  1. Landscaping: simple tasks like cleaning up a flower bed or planting a few things can make a big difference! Get rid of any dead or less than beautiful plants and replace with new to get a fresh look.
  2. Paint: Do you have any railings or window sills with chipped paint? This is an easy fix! Be sure to clean the area well and use drop cloths (easy clean up) when making touch ups.
  3. Hide the AC unit: Is you AC visible when driving up to your property? Units can be an eyesore and take away for the beauty of your home. There are a few solutions to this issue. Palettes, lattice and even boxes that are specifically made for hiding AC units. Depending on how handy your are and your budget there are many ways to hide it!
  4. Trash Can: We all have them, we all need them….. but no one wants to SEE them! Just like with the AC unit, trash cans can really take away from the beauty of your property and you can use similar methods to hide them.
  5. Outdoor light fixtures: These Items can add a bit of personality to your home but they are also easily overlooked when cleaning. Be sure that outdoor light fixtures are free from dust, dirt and cobwebs. While you are at it see if any paint on this fixture needs to be touched up!
  6. The Front Door: Naturally, the front door is a focal point of the front of a home. If your door has chipped paint, looks worn or is a less than on trend color, consider painting it. Picking a color is the hardest part but there are apps that will allow you to test out colors to find your best match!
  7. House Numbers: Not only do house number make you property easier to find for perspective buyer they give you a chance to showcase even more personality!

These are just a few tips and tricks to make your home stand out and make a great first impression- on a budget. If you are looking for an agent to list your home consider using Easton Mosteller Realty Group. We sell homes for $500 up front and 1% at closing. That equals thousands of dollars of savings! You get the assistance of a full service agent with not extra work on your part. Call us today to see what your home is worth 90-708-2022