Here are 7 of the Best-Kept Home Buying secrets:

1.Get a pre-approved by a lender (VS getting pre-qualified)

Pre-approved and pre-qualified are 2 very different things. Seller will want to see that you have been approved by a lender and have funds ready to purchase their property.

2. Prepare to pay list price

In the current market is it not uncommon to pay list price for a property. Make an offer that you can afford and also does not insult the seller.

3. Give sellers what other buyers will not

Price is not the only item negotiated in a real estate contract. It could be as small as giving the seller an additional day to move. Your real-estate agent will be able to suggest little things to sweeten your offer.

4. Act quickly!

So, you found a home that you love, at the right price….. what is stopping you? Making an offer quickly can give you an advantage and may be the difference between you snagging your dream home VS another buyer doing so.

5. Inspections

Always, always have a home inspection preformed! This may cost a few hundred dollars, however, it can save you thousands in the long run. You would not by a car without looking under the hood, would you?

6. Instinct VS emotion

When buying a home go with your instinct not emotion. You may fall madly in love with a paint color, yard etc. but those are not the most important items. Be sure you are not overlooking budget busting repairs because you fell in love with a few details of the home.

7. Choose the right agent

Choosing an expert will be the key to happy home buying this season! Your agent will be leading you through this entire transaction. Be sure to check online reviews and find an agent with a positive track record that you can trust.

We hope that these tips will help you reach your home buying goals! For more information or to connect with an agent visit or give us a call at 901-708-2022