Should you buy a home this fall?

Thinking of making a move? Here are 5 reasons to consider buying a home this fall!

 1. Poor Weather = a true view of the properties flaws

In the colder months, you are likely to encounter more rain, and possibly snow. That is what makes it the perfect time for an inspection as these conditions tend to bring major issues, especially leaks, to light. Seeing a home with landscaping in full bloom can make the home that much more appealing! Unfortunately, it can also mask exterior issues leaving them to be found months after closing.

 2. Competition: Fewer Buyers are on the hunt

If you have been visiting Open Houses you may have noticed that they are getting less and less crowded as the season turns to fall. This could have many causes but one factor is the school season. Many families prefer not to move children mid-school year which could give you an opportunity to make an offer to a more seller who has fewer options. (Do keep in mind, many buyers showing interest this time of year tend to be serious buyers.)

 3. Older inventory could mean a motivated seller (and better sales price for you)

Many sellers list their home in early spring- by fall they have probably made price reductions if they have remained on the market. By Mid-October sellers are likely ready to get the home sold, which is good news for you!

 4. Holiday’s are motivational!

There are many disruptions caused by listing a home. From open houses, showing, emails and forms to be signed- sellers are ready to be done with this as the holidays near. This could mean getting a better deal simply because the seller is ready to finish the process so that they are able to entertain and attend events this season.

 5. End of Year Taxes…

Be sure to keep an eye out for listings that offer an incentive for closing by December 31st if that is something you are able to do. There are advantages of a loss or gain during this tax year that a seller may be considering. This could allow you to find a homeowner ready to make a deal to close by the end of the year.

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